A Ponsonby eatery

As you’re probably aware, Ponsonby has become Auckland’s foodie hotspot. Cafés and eateries are thriving, and the suburb’s restaurant scene is legendary.

Traditional restaurant dining can be stifling and restrictive – not to mention stressful – when it comes to ordering your main dish. If you're experiencing diner’s remorse, looking wistfully at everyone else’s meals, too bad: you're stuck with what you ordered, and you’ll be lucky to get a bite of anyone else’s dish. Here at Adam Arnold, we want to make dining out easy. We’re not only restaurant owners: we’re frequent (and we mean frequent!) customers as well. We designed our dining experience based on what we ourselves like to do when we go out to eat. For us, this often involves ordering two mains and then sharing them over a bottle of wine: a more personalised, if unorthodox, method of restaurant dining. We’re passionate about letting our customers build their own personalised dining experience. Our menu is a mix of reasonably priced small plates and shared platters: simple crowd-pleasers with bold flavours are what we do best. Sharing plates make for a fun and sociable experience, both in choosing the dishes and eating them.

Unlike traditional restaurant dining, there's no pressure to pick one perfect main course: diners are free to pick and choose, sampling as many dishes as you like. Mix it up, try things you normally wouldn’t, and never worry about missing out.